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MAD Magazine #173, March 1975
A film can't really be called a classic unless it's been given a going over by "the usual gang of idiots" at MAD.
Here's their satire of Chinatown,with a title only MAD could come up with - 'Chinaclown'.


The Simpsons
Robert Evans pushes Homer over the edge in "Kill The Alligator And Run"

The Simpsons
Homer delivers a movie-inspired tirade in "The Secrets of a Successful Marriage".

Cracked #123, March 1975
Looks like I was wrong - 'Chinaclown' wasn't something only MAD could come up with, their counterparts at Cracked gave their satire of Chinatown the exact same name.


Chinatown-inspired Lego
Well, why not? It seems like every other film's been given the brick treatment.
 I found these pics many years ago on a now-defunct Lego forum, and unfortunately, it seemed that their creator had ceased using the forum some time before. Whoever you are, nice work!

1981 Parody by SCTV